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LET us NOW TAKE up certain vaguely construc-
tive proposals which seem at present to be very
much in people's minds. They find their cardinal
expression in a book called Union Mow by Mr
Clarence K. Streit, which has launched the magic
word " Federation" upon the world. The
" democracies " of the world are to get together
upon a sort of enlargement of the Federal Con-
stitution of the United States (which produced
one of the bloodiest civil wars in all history) and
then all will be well with us.
Let us consider whether this word C Federa-
tion " is of any value in organising the Western
Revolution, I would suggest it is. I think it
may be a means of mental release for many
people who would otherwise have remained dully
resistant to any sort of change.
This Federation project has an air of reason-
ableness. It is attractive to a number of influen-
tial people who wish with the minimum of